What are the email clients supported by eNetBot mail

eNetBot Mail & POP3 Mail Basics What are the e-mail clients supported by eNetBot Mail?

eNetBot Mail can work with any POP3 and SMTP compliant email program. However, in order to experience the rich HTML mail format supported by eNetBot, we recommend that eNetBot Mail be used with the client programs listed below.

eNetBot Mail has been tested with the latest releases of the most popular email client programs available. Provided below is a list of the client programs and any specific exclusions.

1. Microsoft Outlook Express 4.x and 5 (Free click here to get latest version – This is a part of MS Internet Explorer)

2. Microsoft Outlook 98, 2000 (Microsoft Outlook 97 does NOT work properly due to its inability to handle HTML mail properly)

3. Eudora Pro 4.2 (Eudora Light does NOT retain the formatting properly)

4. Netscape Messenger 4.x

Is ICQ supported as an email client to check AOL mail using eNetBot?

No, ICQ is not supported at this point.

Send email to [email protected] if you need to use eNetBot Mail with any other clients.

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