Attachments with AOL Mail and eNetBot Mail – Using eNetBot mail

Using eNetBot Mail Can I send and receive multiple file attachments using eNetBot through AOL?

Yes. eNetBot supports sending and receiving multiple file attachments. However, if the person receiving your email is an AOL user who doesn’t have eNetBot, the standard AOL restriction of one file attachment applies. eNetBot uses the email format for receiving messages with attachments.

Can I use the Carbon Copy (CC) feature of my email program when using eNetBot?

Yes. eNetBot supports CC as well as multiple recipients and all the major email actions offered by many email clients, except for the Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) option. Your mail client will be able to use all of its other features with eNetBot.

Can I use the Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) feature of my email program when using eNetBot?

No. eNetBot does not currently support sending Blind Carbon Copies.

How does eNetBot Mail affect my system resources and network bandwidth?

eNetBot Mail remains idle in the system tray consuming very little system resources. Also, eNetBot Mail was carefully designed to minimize traffic while receiving and sending mail and invokes a much smaller overhead than your browser (as it downloads only text and attachments like any email program).

Can I download just the headers for my mail and then selectively download the messages?

No. This feature is not supported by eNetBot mail. Turn this off in your email client software while using eNetBot Mail.

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