Control panel does not appear within screen

Problem: The eNetBot Mail control panel does not appear when I click on the icon in the system tray.

Solution: The default coordinates for the window to appear at are outside of the screen’s visible area. Try the following steps.

1. Goto the windows start Menu and select Run ( the image shows Windows 98, but its the same for
Windows 95 and NT 4.0)

enb_winmenu.gif (6885 bytes)

2. Type regedit in the text box and click OK.

enb_run.gif (3462 bytes)

3. You should see the Windows Registry Editor

enb_reg_edit_position.gif (13225 bytes)

4. Expand the tree on the left :


You should see the entries shown on the right.

5. Double click on the value x1 on the right. You should see this dialog

enb_reg_edit_value.gif (3298 bytes)

Change he value in the box to 0 and click OK. Do the same for the value y1.

Thats it. Now click on the icon at the bottom and see if the control panel appears.

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