eNetBot Screenshots

eNetBot provides a rich interface to the user to help configure, use and monitor the retrieval and sending of mail. Feedback is provided to the user at various stages. The program remains in the windows system tray at all times. (Note: In case the icon is NOT seen in the system tray, this indicates that the program is not running and you will not be able to access mail). The icon is animated when the eNetBot program is busy accessing or sending mail.

Popup Menu

Right clicking on the eNetBot icon displays the pop-up menu shown above. This provides and easy way to access the main functionality provided by the eNetBot user interface. The eNetBot control panel is displayed below:

eNetBot Control Panel

The about box displays information about eNetBot. The settings tab provides access to the settings for the user interface and also for controlling the file logging feature. File logging is turned off by default.

eNetBot Settings Page

The status page provides the most upto date information about the current status of the program and the tasks being processed. Shown below is a sample output.

eNetBot Status Page

The account editor dialog is used to configure users to send mail using the AOL servers. Passwords provided here will NOT be sent out from your PC except when logging into AOL.

eNetBot Account Editor

Click here to download eNetBot Mail

AOL Mail POP3 SMTP Agent - eNetBot Mail