eNetBot Mail and POP3 basics

eNetBot Mail & POP3 Mail Basics What is eNetBot Mail?

eNetBot Mail is an unique email automation software that allows you to read your AOL TM mail from any POP3 compliant email program, such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora and Netscape mail.

You can also use eNetBot Mail to read and send AOL mail from mail programs that can read your email to you.

What is POP3 mail and how do I use it?

What do I need to use eNetBot Mail?

An active AOL account
PC with Windows 95/98 or Windows NT
2 MB of disk space
A POP3 compliant email program (Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora and Netscape mail) and several others. Who needs eNetBot Mail?

You should be an AOL user if you want to use eNetBot Mail. Click here to recommend this program to a friend AOL user.

You need eNetBot if you want to read your AOL mail from a different email program which has features that you want and the AOL email client doesn?t have.

AOL uses a proprietary format for sending and receiving email. The POP3 compliant email programs cannot access the AOL mail server to receive and send email. So, the only option available before for AOL users was to use the email client provided by AOL to access their email. eNetBot is the only product which lets any email program access your AOL account.

Can eNetBot help me with other programs that don’t work with AOL?

You can use eNetBot to use internet based programs that required a POP3 or SMTP server. eNetBot includes a POP3 and SMTP gate that can act as a POP3/SMTP server for any program trying to interact with it. The POP3/SMTP mail server you need to specify is aol.eNetBot.com.

How does eNetBot Mail work?

eNetBot waits as a background process on your Windows PC waiting for requests from your email program. Once a request is received, eNetBot establishes a connection with the AOL server and retrieves your email. Passwords are sent in a secure manner using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). eNetBot consumes very little of your PC’s system resources and will not affect any other programs.

Is there a Mac Version of eNetBot Mail?

eNetBot Mail is available only for the Windows
based PC’s (Windows 95/Windows 98/Windows NT4/Windows 2000)

We do not have a Mac version and we don’t have any
immediate plans to write one.

Please refer to


for more information and resources for reading
AOL mail from other sources.

Does eNetBot Mail support Compuserve 2000?

eNetBot Mail works with AOL only. Besides, you do
not need any inermediate product to get to CS 2000 mail
from Outlook or Outlook Express (and other mail programs
like Eudora, Netscape that support IMAP) as CS 2000
supports IMAP mail. Please refer to:

AOL Mail POP3 SMTP Agent - eNetBot Mail