Problems in this release-eNetBot v 1.61

eNetBot v 1.61 enhancements/fixes – 04/08/2000

Description Status
1 Subject lines is incomplete Fixed
2 Date does not come through properly Fixed
3 Problem with send – some messages sent through the eNetBot mail system are received as empty by the receiver with a line stating that the entire message is an attachment. Fixed
4 “Unable to send data…” message appears. Next two error messages appear, “Secure data transfer fails” and “Unable to process login” This issue has been addressed. We have added more detailed logging information in this build. Please download the latest update and send us the log file with detailed logging if the problem persists.
5 Invalid message format problem with sending mail and receiving mail.  Fixed

Snd email to [email protected] if you are experiencing a problem that is not mentioned here. 

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