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eNetBot Mail Errors and Problems I am unable to read the attachment file with a .mht extension?

The .mht file extension is a HTML format with all the images embedded in the file instead of linked as in a HTML file. This can be read using Internet Explorer.

Given below are the steps to associate files with a .mht extension with Internet Explorer.

1. Start Windows Explorer (The images shown here are from Windows 98, but they should be similar for Win 95, WinNT/2000)

2. From the Tools menu of Windows Explorer, select Folder Options.

2. Click on the File Types tab in the dialog that is displayed.

3. Click on the New Type button. Enter the information as shown in the image below.

outlook2000_03_01.gif (7880 bytes)

4. Click on the New button at the bottom. You should see this window shown below.

Fill in the information as shown above and click OK. The path to the application used to perform action is the path to Internet Explorer on your PC.

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