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May 07, 2004 – Important Update

It has come to our notice that AOL has started allowing access to their email through the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP). eNetBot Mail has been enabling AOL users to read and send their AOL mail from a POP3 compliant mail program such as Outlook Express or Outlook since 1999. This new feature from AOL means that AOL users now have a free (of cost) choice to read their email with the same email programs.

We would like to inform our customers about this choice in the best interests of fair business practices. AOL still does not allow POP3 access to AOL email and we believe eNetBot Mail will continue to address this need. POP3 email is simpler to use and provides additional compatibility with certain email programs and spam protection programs. We will be updating eNetBot Mail within the next few weeks to take advantage of this new IMAP feature in eNetBot Mail itself.

We thank all our customers for their patronage and continue to look forward to fulfilling your needs.

Please refer to this AOL help page for more information:AOL Open Mail Access

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eNetBot is the fastest, easiest way to access your AOL? Mail. It is simple and user-friendly. The program can be setup to read and write AOL? Mail in no time. Download eNetBot Mail now and use it FREE for the first 30 days. Then register for a fee of $19.95 that includes free updates and support for the latest version ofeNetBot Mail!

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Download eNetBot Mail - Try it FREE

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Download eNetBot Mail - Try it FREE


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eNetBot requires Microsoft Windows XP/ME/98/95/2000 or Windows NT version. 4.0 and above. It is typically loaded at Windows startup and runs unobtrusively in the background. eNetBot supports either dial-up or permanent Internet connections.

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