Problems in this release

Problem with “AOLservers unavailable error”

The problem withthe AOL server unavailable error message appearing in some cases has been fixed.

March 24, 2001 eNetBot Mail version 2.2 Build 1008 Download

Option added for managingOutlook timeout when downloading large files

This option is found under Toolsmenu >> Options and will prevent Outlook (in Corporate Mode) fromterminating an connection when downloading a large file attachment. This optionwill be turned off by default.

Add to internal AOLaddresses

This version automatically addsa to AOL addresses that do not have the proper domain suffix.

Remove spaces in outgoing AOLemail addresses

This version automatically fixesthe problem with spaces in AOL addresses.

Fixed problems with eBayutilities

This version fixes some problemswith eBay utilities such as Seller’s assistant.

Option added to send multipleattachments as Self Extracting files

The previous versions packagedmultiple attachments as zip archives. This was a problem for users receivingthese archives who did not  have a zip utility like WinZip installed ontheir PC. We have added an option under Tools >> Options to optionallysend multiple attachments as self extracting files. This means that users on thereceiving end of any email sent through eNetBot Mail will not be required tohave any zip utility installed.

Problem with Update Wizarderror fixed

The problem with the updatewizard displaying an internal error is fixed.

Problem with saving settingsfixed

The previous version failed tosave settings such as update setting, Keep on top, etc. This has been addressedin this release.

Problem sending with Becky,Act! and Eudora

This build fixes problems withsending with the above email programs.

Problem with single fileattachments being sent as zip files

This build sends single fileattachments as they are. The “Always send in rich format” option underTools >. Options should be unchecked for this to work. Multiple fileattachments will be zipped and sent as one file.

Problem with custom mailer

The problem with custom mailersis fixed.

January 3, 2001 eNetBot Mail version 2.1 Build 1000  Download

Error 008 – AOL server is unavailable is fixed

Problem with default attachments being attached to outgoing messages fixed. Now, there is a option in the settings box that lets you turn this feature on if you want to send a richly formatted version of the message as an attachment

Error when turning on log fixed

eNetBot Mail will now start minimized if the proper setting is selected

Displays the right version and build number

Fixes the problem that makes Outlook prompt the user for the password repeatedly

Error messages made unobtrusive – a small popup window appears near the system tray for 10 seconds and disappears when an error is encountered. A list of all error messages that occurred during that session can also be viewed from the View >> Error Messages menu.

Update wizard problems fixed

December 19, 2000 eNetBot v 2.0 SP1   Download

Error 008 – AOL servers may be unavailable fixed.

November 15, 2000 eNetBot v 2.0 PR2 Download
Send problems with address book fixed.
Problems with Send/Receive for  windows 95 users  fixed.
Send/Receive problems with “Server not available message” fixed.
Changed Close Option  to Exit in the File menu.
November 7, 2000 eNetBot v 2.0 PR1 Download
Date problem with 2.0 PR fixed
Some minor problems with User interface fixed
The Minimize on startup option works.
Custom error messages added
November 2000 Version 2.0 PR  Download
Date problem introduced as a result of Daylight Savings Time fixed.

Several send related problems fixed as a result of the send features listed in the next section.

Problem with synchronization with Palm pilot fixed

.mht problem when sending messages fixed.

eml problem when sending messages fixed

Better support for sending and receiving Outlook Express stationery.

Problems with login failing to AOL server fixed

Ability to send and receive email for multiple screen names at the same time. This is particularly useful for Eudora users as Eudora send and receives multiple screen names simultaneously.

Completely online help with special context sensitive help for error messages

Extensive support for MIME compatibility

HTML mail compatibility improved

Completely new interface

Update wizard has been updated

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