Feature Requests

April 3, 2001 Add support for return receipts to AOL users Write to us about this
Add option to specify return receipt requests for AOL users and request confirmation from non-AOL users.
March 31, 2001 Make status display more descriptive Write to us about this
Make the status display when reading and sending email more descriptive.
March 27, 2001 Option to leave email on server Write to us about this
Provide an option to leave mail on the AOL server after reading email so that more than one person can check email at them same time.
March 26, 2001 Provide ability to remove shortcut in startup folder Write to us about this
Provide a option that will prevent eNetBot from starting up when windows startsup.
March 26, 2001 Quick Start option under help for new users Write to us about this
Put a “Quick Start” option in the “help” drop-down menu so people that are extremely new to this program can understand the basics and how to utilize the program to the best of it’s ability.
March 26, 2001 Compatibility with mIRC Write to us about this
Add a DDE name so it is compatible with mIRC (so it will run a command on mIrc when you have mail)
March 26, 2001 Add wizard for automating setup of email accounts with major email clients  Write to us about this
Add support for Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora.

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